Hey Friends,


I am a faith filled, family gal. I specialise in Life coaching. I have won many awards for my work, including the Venus, Nat west Most Inspiring woman award. I have appeared on BBC radio and television, local community radio, CBS news, FOX, and NBC network and I have shared my insights, knowledge and passion with many audiences around the world.

I am married to Simon for over thirty three years and we have three grown up children. When I left school I trained to be a chef, then I met and married my hubby who was in the British Army and soon after we moved to live in Germany for ten years. On our return to the UK for a few years I worked  for Claires accessories as Branch Manager which led to me moving to work in their head office as  a merchandise planner. Eventually I went on to attend the University of Birmingham to gain my  B.Nurs (Hons) degree in nursing and stress management I then began a career with the NHS as  an emergency nurse.  

Alongside this job I began building my life coaching business. I started my first business at the  tender age of 42 delivering workshops and masterclasses covering subjects such as health and  well being and emotional resilience, that was ten years ago, proving age is just a number and it is  never something to hold you back, I mean look at Colonel Sanders of KFC fame and Ray Croc of  McDonalds success, they were older when they founded their business. With age comes  experience and I certainly come with lots of that. My business has evolved over the years as I  have worked with more and more clients and helped them overcome the things that were holding  them back and do the work of inner healing. I absolutely love working with each and everyone of  my clients, celebrating their success and witnessing their breakthrough cheering them on as they  evolve and grow. It is pure delight.

I love sharing my teaching gift, speaking all over the world most recently in Asia and the US. It is a  thrill for me that I get to work with spiritual women in business to help them enjoy their lives  healed, healthy and whole.


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Much Love  

Debs xx

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